Software Integration Services

At Geekinn, our software integration services help businesses overcome complicated software integration challenges, both between your existing application and external system. Our experienced professionals can assist you in defining and achieving clear integration goals, develop a sophisticated integration strategy and ensure its implementation.

API Integrations

We use advanced networking practices when integrating custom-built, open-source, and third-party APIs that interface different endeavor platforms and processes, add web service functionality to applications, and synchronize data formats and design across applications. Our API integration solutions can be executed on various unified platforms.

Data Integration Services

Automated integration services are designed in order to merge the data in various applications, file formats and database management systems. We ensure complete data integrity during the transfer that makes business processes proficient. A modular and complementary solution, running on unified platforms and presenting users with a common experience across applications. With Geekinn, your data integration services may evolve with time into comprehensive global data services. Moreover, ensure Data quality profiling and data cleaning, Big data solutions that make it easy to work with big data.

Enterprise Application Integrations

We provide state of the art integration solutions using the latest frameworks, forefront technologies, components, processes, best practices and industry experts. Our professionals provide Enterprise Application Integration (EAI) solutions, facilitating seamless communications between mission-critical business platforms. We exhibit expertise in providing integrations on multiple platforms to handle CMS, ERP, CRM reporting and analytics, business intelligence and digital marketing.

Service-Oriented Architecture

We develop comprehensive Service-Oriented Architectures (SOA) that are designed to deploy all services related to business processes, technical tasks, and data access using the same business logic interface and integration services. Every SOA we construct is optimized for system independence (loosely coupled), rapid data retrieval, reusability of integrated systems, and web service interoperability.

Application integration service and maintenance of the integration platforms allow you to organize the work with business information of any level and to avoid data loss and inconsistency. The service includes the following elements:

  • Identification of the applications which provide master data for the company
  • Identification of the data exchange model between the applications
  • Automation of data exchange among the applications, based on the principles of service-oriented architecture (SOA)
  • Maintenance of the integration solution.

After implementing an integration project, you will be able to:

  • Ensure the sufficient flexibility of your information system
  • Reduce costs of ownership and changes
  • Maintain a single information field for all employees
  • Increase productivity by fast data interchange, reporting quality and eliminating multiple manual data entry.

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